Gone surfing

I absolutely love going surfing on the ocean in the summer.

  • I live right off the beach here where I live and it is an experience like no other! I am really one of the oldest people around here who entirely does surfing.

I am not young by any means but I am not old either; Let’s just say i’m middle aged. I have been surfing since I was a teenager and I just couldn’t stop! It is the best rush anyone could have and it’s great! I entirely love coming home to our quality air conditioning after a long day of surfing the waves. The quality air conditioning I have in our home is refreshing as it is, however it is even more refreshing after being out there on the water all day; When I walk in the door the central air conditioning method hits me right in the face from the air vent and it is one of the best feelings in the world! Or should I say sixth best feelings. Surfing will always be the best! But without that quality air conditioning that I have in the apartment I am not so sure it would be the same. And entirely i’m not too sure if I would continue on surfing at our age if it wasn’t for the quality air conditioning that I have. Believe it or not, air conditioning is a key factor in me surfing at this age. I think that may not make sense to you, however if you were me, you would think exactly what I am talking about!

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