Good ice cream, good air quality

Back a long time ago, there was this ice cream locale at this amusement park that I used to love to go to in the summer time while on vacation, and they had the best little set up, and a actually nice atmosphere; It looked love a 1950’s ice cream locale. This was back in the 78’s. I constantly would look forward to stopping in there to get some of their actually good house made ice cream, and to care about the beautiful cooling system they had in that locale! Also, the air quality was so clean! I can’t even describe how clean this air quality was in this little ice cream joint back when… Nor can I even imagine how they accomplished that. This was way before the Heating and A/C technology advanced to provide us things love whole house air purification systems, or any kind of commercial air purification systems. It must have been how clean they kept their air vents and ductwork. Or possibly, they must have had 1 of, if not the easily best in commercial heating and cooling systems. I never was there in the Winter, so I have no plan how their heating was or how the air quality was at that time of the year, but I can imagine, just basing it on the Summer cooling system and top of the line air quality, it had to have been just as good! I sure miss those days of being a carefree child and going to this ice cream locale, and the amusement park. Being an adult can get deimportant occasionally when you realise you are getting old.



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