Good ice cream, relaxing air quality

Back a long time ago, there was this ice cream venue at this amusement park that I used to savor to go to in the Summer while on getaway, they had the best little set up, & a really nice atmosphere! It looked savor a 1950’s ice cream venue. This was back in the 73’s. I consistently would look forward to stopping in there to get some of their really wonderful home made ice cream, & to savor the attractive a/c they had in that venue! Also, the air quality was so clean! I can’t even describe how scrub this air quality was in this little ice cream joint back when, nor can I even imagine how they accomplished that. This was way before the HVAC technology advanced to give us things savor whole home whole-home air purifiers, or any kind of commercial whole-home air purifiers. It must have been how scrub they kept their air vents & ductwork, however or possibly, they must have had 1 of, if not the truly best in commercial heating & a/cs. I never was there in the Winter, so I have no system how their heating was or how the air quality was at that time of the year. But I can imagine, just basing it on the Summer a/c & top of the line air quality, it had to have been just as good! I sure miss those mornings of being a carefree kid & going to this ice cream venue, & the amusement park. Being an adult can get depressing periodically when you realise you are getting old.


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