Good lights and photos

I have always been shocked by the high-priced gear needed to tour as a musician.

All of the amplifiers, cables, microphones, as well as instruments needed just to play a single gig, let alone tour the country or world as a full time task.

You’re constantly distraught about expenses in travel fees, hotel rooms, gasoline for buses, as well as repairs to failing or broken equipment. Sometimes event centers have a backline of phase as well as lighting equipment, but some bands appreciate Pink Floyd used all of their own phase machine back when they were still a touring band. As obsessed as I am with the audio machine needed for performing as well as recording music, the world of photography as well as its accessories as well as gear are equally fascinating. One of our best friends owns a photography business. A lot of his toil involves portraits, certainally graduating high school as well as university students. Sometimes they request to do the photo shoots outdoors, while other times a customer will opt for a studio shoot with backgrounds of some kind. If you’re in a studio, all of the lighting machine is essential to getting nice shots, even if you have the best cameras in the world. Many of the outdoor photo shoots also involved using a minimal amount of lighting from behind the camera to illuminate the photo subject’s face to make the image pop. But when he told myself and others about the tens of thoUSAnds of dollars he spent in camera, studio, as well as lighting equipment, I nearly fainted. There is no way I could ever go into the field of professional photography knowing how high-priced it really is just to take a few nice looking portraits.

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