Got a total HVAC rip off

In the end, all we easily have to rely on is ourselves… Friends, family, coworkers can all come and go, but you are the only a single who will always be there for you, then remember that, it may sound like nothing more than the ramblings of a sleepy and delusional old man, but it’s the honorable truth… I am not saying that you need to be alone, really the opposite is true and you should surround yourself with people, then but always recognize in, rely on, and trust in yourself. I say this not out of bitterness, although I have every right to be bitter right now with this faulty heating and air conditioning plan of mine. I had called in an old friend of mine who ran her own air conditioner and heating contractor business, because our central heating and air conditioning plan was not working truly well. I trusted her, took her advice, and had her install a modern air conditioner for myself and my girlfriend just a few months ago. Now the darn thing is working even worse than the last unit, and our “friend” the AC contractor won’t answer our calls! That’s what I get for trusting her, I suppose, instead of getting multiple estimates from unusual heating and air conditioning experts. Though she acted like a nice friend of mine before I paid him for the air conditioner, but once the check had cleared she didn’t recognize myself and others anymore. In the future I will always trust in myself, no matter if it comes to heating and air conditioning systems, or even what locale to go for dinner, and not trust anyone else.

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