Got advice on my social media about how to fix my air quality problem

I actually didn’t have a clue about what to do for the air quality in my home.

The air quality was bad and was getting worse.

I changed the air filters for my HVAC system, but other than that I didn’t know what I should do. So I decided to get on my social media and ask my people on there what I should do. People gave me all kinds of advice and were saying that I needed to get a hold of the HVAC company so that I could get a few things done. They told me that I should have my ductwork system cleaned and that it would be helpful to get on an HVAC system maintenance plan so that I could have everything covered for a reasonable amount of money. I didn’t know about any of these things but I decided to follow the advice. I got on the phone with the HVAC company and before I knew it I was getting an air purification system installed, I had my ductwork system cleaned, and I was choosing higher quality air filters. I also got myself enrolled in a good HVAC system maintenance plan and it didn’t take long for the air quality in my home to improve. As a matter of fact, shortly after the ductwork cleaning, the air quality in my home has improved drastically. That ductwork must have not been cleaned for over a decade so that was truly helpful. I thanked everybody on my social media and reported that everything was finally good in my home.


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