Government stimulus won’t even cover AC usage during quarantine

I think it’s absolutely hilarious that everybody is waiting for these $1,200 checks like that’s going to solve anything.

If you are in a situation like I am, your pay has been cut so drastically the $1,200 might hold you over for a week or two.

After that, I have a lot of bills to catch up on and I don’t foresee all of my creditors being super forgiving for the foreseeable future. It’s nice that the government is trying to do something to help citizens, but I hope that they realize how far this track will really stretch. In fact, according to my calculations this little stimulus check isn’t even going to cover the energy bills for all of these weeks in quarantine. In my household, energy expenditure has quadrupled since the shelter in place order. Obviously, we need to operate more lights, more appliances, and more intensively utilize our HVAC system all day, every day. Since we can’t count on our offices and schools to provide any of our indoor air temperature control, internet, or other amenities, we are now paying for a ton of energy usage at home. The outdoor climate definitely isn’t helping with this problem. In the past month, the outdoor air temperature has fluctuated from bitterly cold to hot and humid, depending on the day. We’ve been using the central heating and cooling systems incessantly during these difficult weeks. I’m terrified to see what my energy bill is going to look like, because the smart thermostat is reporting that our energy usage has skyrocketed like never before. Whenever I get this stupid stimulus check, I know exactly what it’s going to be used for… Paying the energy company for 1 month of HVAC usage. Thanks a lot, government.

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