Grape Harvester has faulty air conditioner –

My family has farmed grape vineyards for nearly a hundred years.  The technology and machinery for harvesting the grapes has gradually and greatly improved over the years.  At one time, my grandfather hired local housewives to hand pick the grapes into baskets. The baskets were carried by horse-pulled wagon to the train station.  I now own and operate a giant grape harvester which does all the work of picking the fruit. The grapes are dropped into very large bins, and we use a forklift to load these bins onto tractor trailers.  The grape harvester is not only expensive to purchase, but also costly to maintain. For the past few harvest seasons, I’ve had a problem with the air conditioning. There is definitely a minor leak in the refrigerant line, which I’ve been unable to pinpoint and repair.  I’ve had several mechanics look over the air conditioning, and they’ve had no luck with it. The refrigerant gradually leaks out and loses charge. Every fall, I take the harvester to the mechanic and have the refrigerant filled and charged. I then have approximately ten days before the air conditioner no longer works again.  I need to time this process correctly for maximum benefit. The grape harvesting season typically starts in late August and runs through October. The weather is unpredictable, and can be anywhere between the high eighties and below freezing. There can be brutal heat and humidity, or snow falling. The harvest season starts off slow, with only a couple of loads to pick here and there.  It gradually gets very hectic with multiple loads to pick every day. I want my air conditioning running when I’ll need it the most. The temperature inside the cab of the harvester can easily climb above a hundred degrees. However, once the picking season is in full swing, I no longer have the time to have the air conditioner repaired.

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