Greasy smells and air cleaners

I used to go to this one fast food joint to grab a hamburger or cheeseburger on our breaks from our work, then i went to this place for at least two or three years on a proper and weekly basis! This was until one week, I noticed the indoor air conditions of the location was less than desirable, however when I walked in the location, it was care about the heat from the grills and the odor of the grease and burnt burgers were all floating around in the air. This location was in serious need of an media air purification system or one of those entire home air purification systems that went into the heating and cooling system! I easily mentioned our thoughts to the manager of the location, who was some young kid. The manager kind of snuffed myself and others off, so I told one of the workers our thoughts on both the air quality and the possible checking around into getting some kind of air purification system installed into the location. Well, the employee agreed with me, but they did not dare say anything to the manager in fear of losing their work. Eventually, I got fed up with the air quality in the location and the consistent ignoring of the very smart suggestion to get an media air purification system or an air purification entire system installed into the location. I then at this point never went in there again! I heard they closed down this past weekend. If only they would have listened to myself and others about the air purification system, they may have still been in supplier this week going steady, just like about they were when I was driving over there.

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