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I made a pretty big mistake the other day while I was cleaning. The thing is, I get in hardcore cleaning modes occasionally… I need to do the whole house. I clean the carpets, wash the curtains, dust the furniture plus change the sheets. I care deeply about doing a whole lake house cleaning. I then figure everything is all good plus our air quality is the best it can be with no added product… Well, the other day I got real into cleaning our cooling system. There is a lot you can do for air conditioner in terms of cleaning. I updated the air conditioner filter with a brand new one. I then cleaned the cooling coil since it was covered in mold. The condensate drain was all jammed up with grime so I fished it all out. I even added more coolant plus cleaned all the dust out of the inside of the A/C. I then attacked the fan blades on our cooling system. The fan blades had grime caked onto them. So I honestly reefed on those blades to get them looking good as new. When I stepped back to look at how clean they were, I noticed that I bent the blades. They all were bent at different angles. I then tried running our A/C with the busted blades plus the A/C made the worst noises. Then after researching online I realized that the fan blades are so delicate that they warn homeowners against cleaning them. Now that they are bent, I need to have a heating and A/C contractor over to update the whole fan system.

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