Great heating and air equipment

Ok, now, I recognize I have seen just about everything.  Well, I am sure it isn’t everything, but, I saw the strangest video the other afternoon while scrolling on social media.  Many times I recognize that prototype is made, just to shoot a cool video plus I am not sure if this item really exist but, if it does it seems love in impractical solution to an everyday problem.  The video was showing a personal Heating, Ventilation as well as A/C equipment that straps to a belt around your waist. It is battery operated plus it showed a man, working in a warehouse, while wearing this equipment underneath a overcoat.  He looked love the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man plus I can’t imagine that this would be a safe thing to do. I recognize that something love that would have a venue in some situations. If a person is sensitive to heat plus needs to spend anytime outside walking or travelling they could wear a equipment love that to keep them cool plus safe.  This type of item will never work for someone who is doing any sort of physical labor because it looks cumbersome, not to mention the fact that it could be caught on some sort of machinery plus harm the person wearing it, but people are constantly trying to come up with alternative ways to keep moderate or cool or trying some DIY technique.  I guess that someone had enough funds to at least make prototypes of this equipment for a video to try plus sell it to the general public. I didn’t bother to follow the link that was listed so I have no system what they were asking price wise for the thing. I am sure it was more than most would be willing to pay anyway.

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