Grocery store ac maintenance

Having a job in a grocery store can be a pretty dull job, even though I am slowly getting used to it.

The most terrible part about laboring there is how freezing it is.

The entire store has over 10 air conditioners, just to keep the produce and literally everything as fresh as possible. The other afternoon when I got to the store, it was much hotter than usual, i asked our boss what was happening and then she told me that none of the A/C units were running, at first I felt a little nervous, I wasn’t sure what that meant. A Heating and Air Conditioning specialist came up to us plus asked our boss what was going on, then she went around to all of the A/C units and went on to check it for obvious signs of disfigure. She told me that it was bizarre that all of the A/C units would go out at the same time, plus asked if all of us had checked the air duct for any debris. She checked for us, plus found no reason that the A/C units shouldn’t be operating as it always does. After checking everything the Heating plus Air Conditioning tech could know of, she paused and then asked us if all of us had checked the control unit, but our store runs on a smart control unit. It is set to turn off at the end of the afternoon, and eventually start back up before anybody gets into the store… My boss went over to the control unit and realized that somebody had accidently turned it off. The Heating plus Air Conditioning tech laughed and told me that it happens more often than not. She didn’t charge us for our visit plus told us to make sure all of us do maintenance on our A/C units to prevent them from legitimately splitting. My A/C units have been running very strong ever since that day. We have a pretty wonderful cooling system.

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