Growing up in a warm climate

I grew up in a very warm, humid climate where air conditioning was an absolute requirement for the enjoyment of our lives. Sure, everyone had ceiling fans, but those don’t do much in the summertime besides move hot air around the house. A normal person was just not able to keep cool and comfortable without the air conditioner running almost constantly! I remember the air conditioning unit in my family’s home never did a very good job of cooling down the house; it always seemed to need repairs and seemed to just barely keep the house cool. My brothers and sisters and I would take turns complaining about the unbearable heat and cooling down by eating Ice-pops while our parents discussed the cost of having an HVAC technician come to the house and repair the air conditioner. One summer we had the HVAC technician come to our house 5 times to repair the unit. Each time the technician came to the house to repair our air conditioner, we would get a few days of the sweet relief of cool air before the unit broke down again. That was a miserable and hot summer where nobody was comfortable. We would all take our time at the grocery store just to enjoy their icy cold air conditioning and to escape the furnace-like heat of our own house. That unbearably hot summer without a decent air conditioner impacted my oldest brother most of all, I think: he became an HVAC technician so he never had to deal with another hot summer with no air conditioning again!