Gym memberships are seldom free.

You would think gyms would offer free memberships, considering how many people are looking for some place to go that is safe. A lot of the kids in our neighborhood are constantly looking for some place where they can play some hoops. They want to do a little boxing and not worry about drug dealers or anything else that can get them into trouble. Since there are few gyms that offer free membership, I thought I should change that situation. There was an old building that I had been told was going to go on the auction block. There were three floors, and it needed some renovation, but I wanted to have it. I put in a bid and bought the building. I planned on putting all kinds of exercise equipment into the building. I would have one floor for weightlifting. I thought about instal;ling rooms for relaxing and recreation with video games and an arcade. I wanted a full-service gym for everyone in the area. There would not be an age range, since I wanted different rooms for different ages. There would not be a membership fee for the gym, but there was going to be a membership contract. There was no tolerance for drugs, alcohol, or bullying. They had to sign a contract to join the gym. I hoped to have a safe haven for anyone looking for some place to go after school, or when they had nowhere else to go. For me, that safe haven was a gym in my neighborhood, and this is my way of giving back to the community.

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