Had no heating in my apartment on a really cold day

For some, winter can seem like the most wonderful time of year. There is nothing better than waking up to the frosty windows and peering out your back porch to the freshly fallen snow. The crisp, frostbitten air seems to slow everything down and its the perfect time to curl up under a warm blanket with a big mug of something warm and settle in for a cozy day of reading. Imagine, however, waking up to find the frost on the inside of your winters, not the outside where it belongs. This is exactly what happened one cold winter month during my first year of college. That year, winter had settled into the northern states early and had sent harsh, cold winds and pounding snow, so our heating system had been running on high for several months. But that morning, we woke up to find a broken HVAC system. No matter what we tried, we could not get the heat to turn back on. My roommate and I called maintenance, who quickly came to our room, but could not get the heating unit to turn back on. We were told that heating had been lost on all of the dorm rooms on our floor. The maintenance team immediately called HVAC techs to come and try to fix the problem. While we waited for the HVAC team to come and fix the heating system, we were given warm blankets and taken to another room on the second floor of the dorm room. There, our hall monitor set up space heaters throughout the room to try to keep us warm. The HVAC team worked for hours, but finally were able to fix the heating unit and we all returned to our heated rooms.

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