Had some serious issues with the HVAC system recently

The other day, we were having some serious issues with our HVAC system.

It was making all kinds of crazy noises.

I shut off the HVAC and the noises went away, and then I turned it back on and the noises seemed to get worse. So we ended up calling the HVAC company and had an HVAC professional come on out. The HVAC professional was looking everything over and he soon discovered the source of the crazy noises. He said it was a good thing that we reached out because the fix was going to be fairly straightforward and wouldn’t cost us a fortune to have fixed. He said if we let it go on the way it was though, it would have gotten really bad. He changed out some parts and worked on the HVAC for a little while. When he was finally finished with all the work, the HVAC system was working almost like it was brand new. He was telling us that we would need to get our ductwork cleaned out pretty soon, but other than that he reminded us to make sure to change the air filters every other month. I guess he could tell that we weren’t changing our air filters that often. I speculated that he could probably tell based on the damage done to the HVAC system and the amount of debris that was starting to clog up the ductwork. I definitely was going to change my air filters every other month just as he said because I didn’t want to experience another problem like that with my HVAC system.

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