Had to install HVAC for our business

My bestie as well as I are a couple of amateur entrepreneurs, always looking for our next big trend on which to capitalize; We’ve opened up businesses that cater to niche crowds, as well as we’ve successfully launched our own line of custom jewelry! While these are great sources of income, they’re supplementary at best – she and I still have to work to make sure we can provide for ourselves. Well, that might change in the next few months, as my bestie came to me with a solution- buy a beach house, as well as rent it out. Yet my bestie and I didn’t want to be someone’s property owner, though – she and I would make far more money by letting people rent out the beach home for a weekend! The two of us found the perfect beach home to do this in, too – it’s a one-story home with high vaulted ceilings, concrete floors as well as a private path to the beach. Every one of us loved the beach house, as well as saw great ideas to prosper with this as a rental home.Yet we still had to deal with one big hiccup: no HVAC system! We purchased the beach home for much cheaper than expected because of this. My bestie and I didn’t let the lack of a respected heating and cooling program get in the way of our plans… Besides, we both figured that renovating some part of the heating and AC equipment was inevitable, so she and I saw it as a sunk cost. With the property ours, my bestie offered to handle sourcing the heating and AC equipment, while I focus on cleaning up the outdoor space to make it beautiful as a get-together space. It was about a week later that my bestie came to me with some wild ideas I’d never even heard of! Radiant floors, high-velocity duct systems, as well as something about a heat pump? She was all over the place. The two of us will need to get together to really evaluate our options.

HVAC worker