Halfway Home Needs better HVAC

I have a acquaintance who is a salvageing addict… He ended up going to jail for a few years, but anyway he was recently let out.

He was put into a halfway home… I have visited him there. It is sort of like an home block. All the people there have come out of jail; Each room has its own lock, washroom as well as mini kitchen; There is a person who is paid to live there all the time who has the key to everyone’s room there, as well as that guy also makes sure that everybody behaves as well as does not have overnight guests as well as other rules. Overall, it is better than being in jail for sure our acquaintance says. One poor thing is that they do not have zone controlled Heating, Ventilation as well as A/C or even control of their own control units. The indoor comfort level is controlled by the guy with the key to the rooms. In general he keeps the temperature in a normal range, however the problem is that when it is Summer or winter, the bizarre people want bizarre temperatures sometimes by a lot, but because this involves gentlemen who have been in jail, our acquaintance says it is no surprise that fights about the temperature control are constantly possible. They are not allowed space heating systems either. It is an old building too, so you can bet it does not have up-to-date Heating, Ventilation as well as A/C technology. The building honestly has a superb boiler so it is OK in the winter. But the air-conditioning is terrible. It gets honestly hot there in the summer. The rooms are honestly small too. And because they have little cookers in their rooms, when they cook in the Summer the venue is too hot. It does not seem like a superb way to help people who were in prison.

New HVAC equipment