Hamster gets loose in the ductwork and chews in there

Peaches the hamster constantly getting loose in our home. My son likes to take him out of his cage and let him run free. The hamster immediately gets into the air vent in my son’s room and then runs around in our ductwork. Everytime the hamster is in the ductwork I know I am in for a lot of work. Best case scenario the hamster emerges out of the air ducts and I catch him. I then call the HVAC business for ductwork cleaning. Peaches always poops in the air ducts and I refuse to leave it. The HVAC system uses the air ducts to give the whole home heating and cooling. I don’t want poopy air quality. The HVAC contractor then has to clean the whole ductwork system and charges me out the butt for it. That is the best I can hope for when the critter gets loose. Peaches has been lost for days in the ductwork before. When he is in there for awhile he starts chewing. The last time I had to get a HVAC professional to do ductwork cleaning and duct sealing. The seams needed to have sealant and I needed to replace a chewed piece of air duct. Then all the poop got removed. After that very expensive appointment I wanted to kill Peaches. My son is so attached to his hamster. I can’t get rid of him and I can’t get my son to keep him in the cage. At this point I am looking into ductless HVAC so the hamster has nowhere to go.

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