Happy for the heating component

My girlfriend and I have been dating for a little over a year now, so the two of us recently decided to take a big leap and find a place together. My lease was over, and my girlfriend wanted to transfer out of her apartment since she was residing with more than a few unusual people as roommates. The situation was less than ideal, so my one bedroom home wasn’t sizable enough for both of us. Thus, the two of us decided to look for something new together. All of us looked in neighborhood first, since my girlfriend and I work in the city. While we found quite a few options, most were too lavish for our budget. We then found a few venues that were really cheap and well within our price range, though they were mostly run down and definitely in need of some TLC. Finally, we found the perfect apartment – a cozy two bedroom apartment, nestled above this bakery that had been in the neighborhood for at least two decades. In the day time, the scent of bread and sweets will fill the whole apartment, and the best part? No need for heating! Living above a bakery where ovens run all day means the two of us hardly spend so much as a dime to heat our apartment. The heat from the ovens passes up through the floorboards, acting as a makeshift form of radiant heating. Isn’t that awesome! Since the place has plenty of space for us to be cozy, I’m content staying here for a little while until we find a suitable house.

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