Happy that it was working good again

The other day when I was hanging out with some buddies at my place, we were in for the unexpected. We were just playing some cards and having a good time, but then the A/C system failed in my house! When I was looking at the thermostat and making adjustments, I couldn’t understand what was going on with the cooling system. My buddies were saying that I would definitely have to call the HVAC company to arrange for repair. I realized they were right so I called the HVAC company. Unfortunately, they wouldn’t be able to get their until the next morning which was not what I wanted to hear. My one buddy said we could just go over to his place and continue our game of cards. He said his fridge was already stocked up with beer and we could party the rest of the night. So we went over to his place and his climate control system was working great. I was definitely thankful that we didn’t have to continue to suffer in the heat and my buddy said I could even crash at his place since the A/C was not working in my house. I got back to my house early the next day to meet up with the HVAC technician. He apologized that he wasn’t able to make it out the previous day but explained that they were really busy that day. Evidently, A/C systems were malfunctioning all around the town. I was just happy when he had my A/C system working good again and the bill wasn’t too costly.

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