Happy to start the a/c plan

My favorite section about summer season is all of the brightly colored birds. My backyard has nothing however trees from one side to the other. When the summer season weeks are here, there are lots of tropical birds everywhere. It isn’t proper to see several or 8 different species in a single day, but last year, my spouse and I sat on the side of the pool and counted more than five different birds nests. When the birds start to sing and make a lot of noise, I suppose that summer season is on the way. The birds are my favorite section about summer season, although I also prefer going to the beach. I’m too aged to spend all day at the beach, although I like a couple of hours at a time. I usually take the truck to the beach. If the truck is close, I don’t have to worry about getting overheated. I get overheated a lot, because of my many prescription medications. I can’t be in the heat for too long, separate from having some way to cool down. At home, I have a central cooling system as well as a small fan that I take everywhere that I go. The fan is battery-operated and consistently provides a nice flow of air. If I spend time at the beach, I need to be able to access chilly air. If the truck is close, I can turn on the cooling system and rest inside for a few hours. I also like taking the truck, because I can take the tent and some chairs. I would never be able to carry all of that stuff on my own, and I would not be able to go to the beach separate from those things. A lot of people my age go to the beach and rest in their car with the cooling system running.

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