Happy with smart thermostat

My husband is more interested in technological innovations than I am. I am fine with using the same iphone for years and never consider an upgrade. My husband really enjoys having the latest technology at his disposal. He is always looking for ways to make life easier and save time. He got to talking with a neighbor of ours who owns an HVAC company and my husband learned all about the latest smart thermostats. He couldn’t wait to tell me all about it. I was not as interested in spending several hundred dollars on a new thermostat. I figured our current thermostat was working just fine. We had no complaints with our Heating or cooling system, and if we did, we could always call on our neighbor to help us out. After a few days of telling me all about the benefits and features of a smart thermostat, I finally gave in to my husband. I agreed to give a smart thermostat a try. I did not realize I’d be the one who appreciates this upgrade the most. I now have the capability of controlling our thermostat with the touch of an app on my iphone. If I am upstairs or outside or even at work, I did not have to manually access the thermostat. I simply make adjustments from my phone. On my way home from work, I can make sure the house is the ideal temperature. We have even set up a program so that the thermostat automatically caters to our daily schedule. It adjusts the temperature to conserve energy when the house is empty and welcomes us back to ideal comfort. We are saving time and money. My husband is thrilled with the improvement in efficiency and savings on our monthly bills. I like the access to information, such as energy tracking and filter change alerts.

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