Hardly using the HVAC

Every year my guy and I go down south for a few weeks; We have 2 cabins that the two of us split up our time in, the southern times are our preferred choice, and my cabin there is way better… I took all our best clothes down there as well as bought a ton of good workout equipment. I like that I can regularly workout in the south outdoors. In the Winter months when we go it is a bit freezing, but doable. I barely use the heating unit in the place. I only turn the oil furnace slightly up after a workout. I do my workouts fully and completely all outside. Then, once I am done I go inside to have a stretch. The oil furnace works just good for this. I am slightly hot from always working out as well as combing the oil furnace makes myself and my guy real slick. I am able to stretch way easier as well as get super loose, after all this is done, I can entirely and always turn the oil furnace off or keep it on super low setting. In the Springtime, that feels just like a northern Summer. It is hot enough for myself and my guy that I can swim in the pool as well as go for long bike rides. I bet there are several southern people who use their heating unit for this season only. What I do is simply turn if off. I also do not change over to the A/C once it gets real warm outside. I just stick it out. I guess that if I can make it a few months, I will return to the north where it is less humid. I can go a long time without HVAC since I transport myself around so much.

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