Hate football since we have no temperature control

My son plays little league football and I hate it. I hate watching football, getting ready for the games and sitting in those hard bleachers. I am seriously hoping my son realizes how awful the sport is and picks something else. I would much rather watch an indoor sport. What about basketball or swimming? He could be totally inside and have temperature control. Basketball players get cooling during a game. The AC plan works to keep the gym at a reasonable temperature. In swimming areas, I bet there is a little heating for the boys. I would like air conditioning or a little heating. I would take anything at this point. For football, I get absolutely no HVAC. The games take place in late summer and early fall. Since we are in the north, every game is super cold. I would love to have a heater blasting on me while I watch the game. Nope, there is not even a space heater in the announcer booth. The metal bleachers seem to absorb the cold too. To make matters worse, it usually is pouring rain during a game. So I am wet, cold and without any form of heating control. This would never happen if my son played an indoor sport. I would even take hockey at this point. I know the whole rink would be heavily air conditioned, but at least I would not get wet and have access to a clean bathroom. It is the little things in life. I am hoping to persuade him to try something else.

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