Have to replace the sewer line in the home-really expensive

For a long time the plumbing in the bathroom was an issue. Anytime I flushed, nothing went down the toilet. Everytime I went to the bathroom, I had to use the plunger to get everything to drain. I tried taking off the toilet and cleaning it. I also tried drain cleaner in the pipes. I finally called the local plumber about this and figured out the issue is not with my toilet, but with the sewer line. Everything connects and effects one another in the plumbing world. Nothing could successfully drain because the sewer line was damaged. At first, the plumber thought there was just a clog. He figured on cleaning out the line and draining my septic tank. Well, now the plumber is telling me the sewer line is damaged from being clogged for so long and water. It is rusted, cracked and no longer able to be used. I need to get a whole new sewer line system. How much is that going to cost me? The plumber told me it could range between $4,000 to $10,000. All of this depends on how long the sewer line is, how complicated the system and how long it takes him to do the repair. How can they charge that much for a new sewer line? The guy told me that plumbing companies charge per foot of the new line. The cost per foot usually ranges from $60-200 depending on the type of material that they use. Can you believe a sewer line is going to cost me that much?

sewer line repair