Have you ever met a happy HVAC technician?

Have you ever met a happy HVAC technician in your entire life? Whenever you see the advertisements that the HVAC companies put on the television to try to get you to hire their HVAC company, they always show the HVAC technicians that are smiling and genuinely glad to be at your house fixing your furnace or air conditioner.

However, the reality of HVAC technicians could never be different. I have literally never hired an HVAC technician that looked happy to be at my house fixing a furnace or central air conditioner. As soon as the HVAC technician gets out of the company van, I can tell that the HVAC technician must have a hard job. The HVAC technician that comes to my house always looks very tired and exhausted, and I always feel bad about hiring the HVAC technician. When the HVAC technician hears about the problem with my furnace, I can always see his eyes widening as he realizes how much work my HVAC units are going to be. I can’t tell if the HVAC technician is disappointed that he is working on my HVAC units or if the HVAC technician is disappointed that I let my furnace or central air conditioner get to that point. Even when the HVAC unit is fixed at my house, the HVAC technician doesn’t seem happy. Obviously, I know that nobody likes their job, but I wish that the HVAC technician would at least make some kind of effort to act like he likes his job. Or, the HVAC companies could stop trying to advertise with happy HVAC technicians.

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