Having a really hard time dealing with this air quality problem

Why is it that every spring, the indoor air quality in my house has fallen off the charts and into the dump? Even though the outdoors are springing to life, with trees growing new leaves and flowers in full bloom, I’m dealing with the worst air quality all year.

The amount of pollen that makes its way into my house every April is enough to make me sneeze non-stop every morning! Let me tell you, if you haven’t tried to brush your teeth and stop yourself from sneezing, be glad you don’t know how it feels! It is truly aggravating to deal with this constant issue each year.

I’ve talked to friends and family about the issue to see what they do about it, but most of them seem to think I’m either imagining things or don’t have the HVAC system running. Both parties are wrong! Still, part of me wonders if the A/C system does have something to do with this annual plummet of my air quality. I’m also wondering if a proper air purification system would help with this! My workplace has one in the office, and it can remove the bad odors of burnt food or overpowered cologne in a matter of minutes. I would like to think that there’s a way to filter the air and remove all this pollen, but I’m sure that’s just a HEPA air filter that I need installed in my system. Whatever it takes, I have to do something about this air quality issue of mine!

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