Having an HVAC technician as a friend

I have a friend who is a certified HVAC technician. He knows literally everything there is to know about HVAC and makes very good money. I am just the opposite and barely remember to change my air filters faithfully. I have my own talents and areas of expertise, but I am not a handyman in the least. You know how one of the reasons you may want to be hesitant to get a truck with a big truck bed is that suddenly all of your friends will want you to help them move? Well my HVAC technician friend kind of deals with the same thing, only it’s HVAC home repairs. He gives many of his friends discounts on service, but there are only a few people for whom he does HVAC repairs for free. He fixes the problems with his parents HVAC system for free and he fixes the problems with his best friend’s HVAC system for free, and I happen to be his best friend. He knows how technically uninclined I am and takes pity on me when my climate control system goes on the fritz. For some of the bigger tasks he has helped me handle, I insist on paying him and with a little stubbornness, he typically accepts compensation. I will admit that what I give him is still far less than I would have to pay for the service he renders me. At this point, I cannot imagine what it would be like to not have an HVAC technician for a friend, but mind you, I appreciate our friendship for more than that!

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