Having new HVAC installed

Recently, I purchased a new heating, ventilation and air conditioning plan.  When the HVAC company installed the new HVAC system, they also gave me a ten year warranty on the parts and an additional year warranty on the labor.  I purchased a service plan for my HVAC system. The service plan included routine service checks for the and air conditioning and the company itself, scheduled the service every six months, around our schedule.  The service plan is meant to keep both the air conditioning and the heat pump running perfectly and they also supply me with a new pack of air filters that should last in between cleaning and maintenance. I was watching as the HVAC service opened up my air conditioning unit last month.  I couldn’t believe how clean it was, and still he continued to do the maintenance. I asked him why he didn’t just skip it. He told me that if he were to skip the cleaning, because it ‘looked’ clean, then he could be overlooking something he may have caught at that time. Next week, my neighbor is having a new HVAC system installed.  I told her about the maintenance and service plan. I’m trying to tell her that she needs to have the same plan because of how beneficial it has been for my HVAC system. I don’t know if she will take my advice, but it was given in the spirit of just helping out. It will be her loss, if or when she finds out that her warranty may not be covered if she doesn’t have the regular maintenance done on her new heating and air conditioner.

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