Having to take care of the HVAC

Occasionally I feel like I hate myself. I always seem to make the most foolish decisions. Recently I experienced an HVAC system failure and that’s because I kept putting off the necessary HVAC system maintenance! It was just last month too when my engine in my car locked up because I failed to change the oil on time! I went way over the suggested oil change mileage! So I basically destroyed my car and my HVAC system in the course of a few months. I think at this rate I’m going to burn the condo down on accident somehow. I’m really trying to get it together here and learn to take care of all my important maintenance. I bought another car, but a cheap one! Honestly, the thermostat wasn’t even working great in the car! I mean the heating was working a little bit, but the cooling system failed to work altogether. I knew that I had to take care of my HVAC System before anything and when the HVAC serviceman looked it over, she was surprised. She said the ductwork was clogged up and the air filter was the worst she has ever seen. I couldn’t believe that I let it go that long without changing it, but here we were. She said that I was lucky that the heat exchanger wasn’t cracked or I would have to purchase a new HVAC system altogether, but fortunately, she was able to clean everything out, put in a new air filter and get the system working after a few hours. I was so thankful for my working HVAC, although I was disappointed with the expensive repair bill!

HVAC system