He left the A/C on full blast

Last week, I was out of town for business. I had my friend take care of the house for me while I was gone. He would just go in the place to check everything was alright and be on his way. I told him to have the A/C on low because I didn’t want the house growing mold inside or something crazy from the intense humidity. Well, when I came back home, I came to find that my A/C wasn’t working. My friend apologized and said that it was really hot, so he turned up the A/C really high. The thing is, he forgot to turn it back down and just left it blasting when he left the house. When he came back to the house, the whole HVAC system wasn’t working whatsoever. I asked him why he didn’t call me but he said that he tried and was unable to reach me. So I got a hold of the HVAC company right away. The technician let me know that the HVAC system actually overheated, but it was going to be fine. He said all he had to do was replace a few parts. He recommended that I get my ductwork cleaned out and that I replace the air filter really soon. I decided to arrange for those things when everything was taken care of. My HVAC system was working great again, but no thanks to my friend! Perhaps if I had taken care of the ductwork cleaning, it wouldn’t have happened though. I really need to be smart about getting regular HVAC system maintenance if I want to avoid having this type of thing happen again.

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