He needed PTSD help

My buddy now relies on legal cannabis to handle the symptoms of his PTSD

After Ryan came back from the marines he was all messed up. PTSD was a big problem for him. Any loud bangs, booms, sounds plus the dark honestly freaked Ryan out. A lot of people suggested putting my friend on prescription drugs. My friend has an addictive personality. The last thing I wanted to do was supply Ryan with a potentially harmful drug. I wanted something better for him and more natural to treat his issues. I then went to a cannabis dispensary near me to look over their products. I talked to the town butender about what style of legal weed my buddy should smoke. The budtender went through different ways to smoke it. You can do a joint, hookah, vape, pipe or bong. I went with the vape for my buddy and chose a heavy THC strain. The idea was to mellow him out plus stop him from jumping over every little thing. Thankfully the cannabis dispensary near me had a vape lounge to try out the different things. I had Ryan come in to try all the things I was thinking of getting for him. With the budtenders advice, I was able to narrow in on what exactly worked for my friend plus what did not. My buddy now relies on legal cannabis to handle the symptoms of his PTSD. Ryan is able to be around larger groups of friends and can sleep easier at night. He smokes 2 times a day and has shown no signs of abusing this drug.



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