He really was a nice guy

The air conditioner specialist was such a good dinner guest.

A year back I got our entire HVAC plan taken care of. I got the whole plan looked over for any loose, busted or broken parts on it. The certified heating plus cooling specialist that was at our beach house worked for a long time! He was also a pretty neat person whom I have seen outside of the Heating, Ventilation plus air conditioner dealership before. All of us went to high school together, but were not pals. But you could say the two of us knew each other plus we have hung out with the same crew of people before. The guy was saying that he was real hungry plus wanted to go get food. So he asked myself plus our wife if I would mind if he takes a break plus comes back afterwards, but of course I didn’t mind at all. He then asked myself plus our wife if we wanted to go and get a meal with him plus it would be his treat. I didn’t know what to say! But I said yeah of course. All of us were going to our number 1 steak joint too. And I will take a free meal at anytime, but especially if it’s from someone I know that is doing me a favor. The air conditioner specialist was such a good dinner guest. He was way more fun than I remember him. I then thought I should be nicer with this guy since he can come in handy. Maybe he would no longer charge me HVAC check ups if we were closer friends. I am making it my mission to hang out with him more.