He works in HVAC

I work as a matchmaker at an online dating service from home part time. It is a really cool job and easy way to make extra income in my spare time. Doing this job requires getting a lot of clients to find their perfect potential match through the dating service. You come across all kinds of interesting profiles to maintain, and all kinds of interesting things that people are looking for to have their perfect match. For instance, there was one client who was a heating and cooling specialist, and was looking for another heating and cooling specialist to be his new girlfriend and potential wife! That I have to say is a tough one, as there are not a whole lot of heating and cooling specialists that are registered with our service, and also, that is a pretty hard request. The client also mentioned that he wanted this because, he works long hours and wants his other half to do the same, as well as know about the HVAC industry, the latest in HVAC technology and also how to fully repair anyone’s HVAC system. I personally wonder what it would be like living with a heating and cooling specialist with that much passion for HVAC technology and repair? Not sure I personally would be interested in someone like that as I find HVAC boring to be honest, other than it working for heating and cooling my house! But, to each their own as they say. That’s just the way it is sometimes. All around though as I said, I really dig working as a matchmaker for the dating service!

HVAC business