Heading to the lake house for the winter

In our opinion there is nothing more weird than heading lake house for Wintertide split after your first few weeks away at university your freshman year. After finally chopping through the homesick phase and getting comfortable with your modern living arrangements, you are sent back lake house where you are quickly eating lake house cooked meals, seeing your seasoned buddies you grew up with, and sleeping in your seasoned bed; Out of all of these things, the thing that threw me off the most when I came lake house for Wintertide split was how much more comfortable it was living at lake house versus back in our dorm room, and i had gotten so used to the serious lack of quality heating and cooling units and eating ramen noodles for the majority of our dinners that our mind and body felt a bit thrown off when I was at lake house soaking in the state of the art heating and cooling units and eating care about a king. It was amazing to spend so much time with our family and get to care about the extra comforts that come with being at home, but once that time phase was over and I made our way back to university I felt care about I had taken 2 steps backwards. Instead of waking up to the warmth of the heating and cooling device flowing through the home and the stink of food cooking in the air, I was back to the frigid and the sound of our roommate snoring. I assume that all I can do is keep pushing forward and hope that our sophomore year turns out a little better!


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