Heat or Christmas lights

Every year for Christmas, my wife and I put out thousands of twinkling white lights. The beautifully decorated house can be seen all over the neighborhood. This year, my wife and I purchased another 5,000 lights to place on our house. By the time every light was installed on our house, our electric meter was moving very quickly. We had hundreds of strands of lights, along with a yard full of reindeer, elves, and snowmen.  I knew we would use a great deal of electricity, so I decided to adjust our heater. I didn’t want anyone to freeze. I just wanted to help defray the cost of all those twinkling lights. I adjusted the temperature on the heater, by 2°. I assumed my family would not realize the heater was adjusted, but I was incorrect. As soon as my wife woke up, she started to complain about the cold temperatures in our house. She asked if the heater was working, and I assured her it was. She decided to check the thermostat herself, and discovered my adjustment to the thermostat. She wanted to know why I adjusted the temperature, in the middle of winter. I explained our electricity usage, and asked if we could keep the heat settings lower this month. Unfortunately, my wife was unhappy with the thermostat settings and made me turn the temperature back to 70 degrees. I don’t mind temperatures a little colder, but she hates to wake up with cold feet in the morning. She would be happy if the heater thermostat was set to 75 degrees.

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