Heat pump for my wine facility.

My dream has always been to have a successful winery business. The process is slow moving, but I am almost there. I recently made a big jump in my wine business. I went from bottling and making wine in my parent’s basement to getting an actual wine facility. Sales were good enough to warrant an actual building for it. I had the building set right up on my grape farm. This makes everything so much easier. I can get the grapes, stomp them, test for sediment and bottle it all in the same location. The building upgrade was quite expensive, so I am hoping I get more business. I not only had to get a building and new materials, I had to get a HVAC system. The temperature control of wine is key. You can’t let the Winter weather get into the building and cool the wine. The Summertime heat can’t affect the wine either. I needed both quality heating and cooling for my wine business. The Winter’s just get too cold where I need heating. The Summers get too humid where I needed AC to dry out the air quality. I decided to then get a heat pump system since this HVAC device can do everything. In one system, I have heating and cooling. The system is super energy efficient since it uses the existing heat energy in the air quality. The heat pump also is just set up in my wall and does not take up any space. I need to make some money on the wine now to pay for my expensive HVAC.

ductless heating