Heated Blanket

When I was in college, I lived in a very small apartment with three other girls.  We split all utility bills. We were college students, so we didn’t make very much money.  We lived on very little money, so we saved wherever we could. We tried to save on utility bills as much as possible.  My roommates and I kept the temperature very low so that we didn’t use a lot of heat. We didn’t want to run the heat bill too high, so we decided that we would push ourselves to deal with the cold instead.  Most of the time, it was alright. I wore thick layers and always kept fuzzy socks on my feet. I always had a few blankets wrapped around me as well. However, on the really cold nights, I struggled without heat.  I was complaining to my mom, and she recommended a heated blanket. I was very doubtful and didn’t think that this would help. She was so insistent that she purchased one for me and shipped it to my apartment. The second I plugged in that blanket and wrapped it around myself, I felt immediate relief.  This blanket radiated so much heat that I would sweat on some nights. I could even sleep with lighter clothes and still felt comfortable. That blanket was so awesome that my roommates stole it from me when I wasn’t home. I found it in their bedrooms often. It became a running joke in our apartment. My mom really saved the day and helped me stay comfortable during those cold winter nights.

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