Heated floors for new baby is safer

My wife is about to give birth and the two of us are frantic getting the house ready. The baby gates are up, the crib is ready and there are no breakables around. The last thing I want to update is our heating situation. Right now we use a gas furnace. The furnace gets really hot to the touch. I am worried that our baby will eventually be crawling and toddling around. The baby could touch the furnace and get burned. This cannot happen on my watch.

                The furnace is old and dying anyway. I think I want to rip it out and replace it with a safer heating option. From what I have found, heated floors would be the safest. There is no machine or vents to touch with a radiant heater. The heating system is installed under the floorboards. Not only will it not burn our child, but it will feel great. The baby will literally be crawling and laying on the heating system. I love the idea of our new baby having heated feet. I read that the heat does not rise and reaches every corner of the home. The heat even absorbs into furniture touching it. So the baby will be in a heated crib.

                I am super excited about this. The final thing I read that made heated flooring a must have for me was the air quality help. Most heaters take in dust and blow it out. Heated flooring is protected under the floor. Also the electric heating creates no dust or air being blown. Our child will never breathe in polluted air quality.