Heated floors were worth all the hassle

When I decided to get heated floors installed in my home I was not ready for how much it would disrupt my life. I ended up having to stay with my sister for a bit because of all the dust that is caused with ripping up the floors. Thankfully, she was kind enough to let me bring along my pet bearded dragon, named Darby, too. When we finally got the go-ahead to move back in I walked in with Darby. It was still fall but was cooling down quickly, as is usual for these parts. The technicians had turned on the heated floors for us. The moment I walked through the door, I knew it had been all worth it. It was so comfortable inside. I put Darby on the floor and he ran around a bit and then sat and soaked up the heat before running around some more. Usually, I can’t let him roam free in the winter because the floors are just too cold. That will not be a problem anymore. I had to laugh as I watched Darby try to figure out what part of the floor was warmer than the rest. He kept running around then sitting still like, “this is the spot. No, that is the spot.” The beauty of the heated floors is that the whole house heats evenly. Poor Darby will never find a spot that is warmer than the others but I am happy to let him try. I even decided to lay on the floor with him and let the heat soak through my bones. This was a pain in the butt but it should last forever.

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