Heated gas furnace

When my older sister graduated, and proceeded to move out of the house for school, there was only one thing that I wanted from her – her old room! My sister was the stereotypical seventeen year-old brat who thinks that none of her siblings are allowed in her room, and spent tons of time with her friends up in there. I was always a curious kid, so the mystery of her room constantly drove me crazy! It was also up in the attic, so she also had a good view of the neighborhood below. When I asked my parents if I could have it they said yes, and boy was I so excited! Now that it has been a few weeks since I moved in, I’m not nearly as excited. It is so cold up here! The heated gas furnace that keeps the house warm during the Winter time does not link to the air ducts in the attic. I have to rely on this tiny portable space heater to keep me warm, which if I’m being honest, that thing is worthless! I asked my parents if I could move back down to my old room after a few days, but they said that I have to stay up here in the frigid attic and make the most of it! I guess they are trying to teach me a lesson about being careful what I wish for, but I’m too cold to listen – besides, I think my ears froze off! It is getting frustrating to have to go to bed each evening in a coat, wearing thick cotton socks and sleeping with multiple comforters over me. I’m hoping that winter ends early – that, or I might have to invest in about four more space heaters if I’m going to survive! I don’t get why my sister was so intent on keeping me out of here – I’d be clamoring to leave as soon as possible.

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