Heating and A/C shop waived outstanding bills

I assume it’s really nice that people are banding together to get through these strenuous times.

I believe that there has been a lot of civil unrest and fighting going on between the political parties during the pandemic, however there has also been a lot of community and relationship building going on.

I assume a lot of people are more linked to their friends and families than ever, thanks to these trying times. I also have seen a lot of major companies absolutely trying to help their patrons by cutting them a break. Recently, I heard that our local heating and cooling maintenance shop was doing some actually nice things for their loyal Heating and A/C patrons. Because of this strenuous economic time, several homeowners have been unable to spend money their energy bills or make their normal heating and cooling maintenance appointments for the summer. Rather than cashing in on people’s desperate situations, obviously this heating and cooling maintenance shop has decided to take some of the financial burden off of their patrons. They have been offering free emergency maintenance services to anybody whose component has failed in the last 2 weeks. They’ve also been providing free DIY courses online for anyone who wants to learn to maintenance or maintain their central heating and cooling system at home… Finally, I heard that they were forgiving any outstanding debts previously created by big emergency maintenance services. Instead of putting more stress on local families, they absolutely just made the outstanding Heating and A/C expenses disappear, and how can this Heating and A/C shop expect to survive when they’re giving away free Heating and A/C unit and maintenance services? Well you better believe that their customer loyalty is at an all-time high. When we all get our jobs back, you believe that we’re going to be exclusively calling this heating and cooling dealership for all of our central Heating and A/C needs.

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