Heating and ac in the bar

People are always trying to scam you when you run a bar. I don’t mean rob me and steal money, I mean nickel and diming me here and there, trying to get free drinks or not pay bar tabs. It is all part of the business, I suppose, and it keeps me vigilant… The last few months one of these shady boys has easily proven to be pretty helpful. I call him Jim Hustle, because he is ready to do whatever task needs doing to receive one or more  free drinks!

                   Jim is a muscular fellow, so he can bounce for me when needed, and it turns out that he used to task for an HVAC repair supplier. I won’t say that he is a smart or educated man but he can find his way around a furnace, and to a lesser degree an cooling system. This is not a problem I had encountered before, since the HVAC system in the bar was pretty new when I first purchased the place and has worked great ever since! Once the ventilation started getting bad, everyone in the bar could tell it instantly.

               With all this smoke and body stink in the air, having good ventilation is more than optional; it is mandatory. Thankfully Jim Hustle volunteered to take a look at the central HVAC equipment and see if there was anything he could do. I’m not sure what he did up there, but the A/C kicked back on and I offered the man a well  earned $25 dollar line of credit.

heating and cooling