Heating and Air Conditioning after having a baby

When my husband and I decided to have children, we knew that there would be some additional costs.

There were several costs that we had been expecting- diapers, monitors, strollers, etc.

but one thing we had not been counting on was an increased vigilance to our heating and cooling habits. Having a baby is sort of like having an elderly person in that she is very sensitive to the temperature. My grandma had always been like that; in the winter she turned the heater way up and, in the summer, she ran the air conditioner so much it felt like an ice box! My husband and I typically kept the house pretty moderate with the cooling set to 74 in the summer and relatively cool with the heating set to 68 in the winter to save on heating and cooling costs. We had grown accustomed to this, but our baby certainly had not. She would get so cold in the winter no matter how many blankets I wrapped her in, and she would get so hot in the summer even if she was only wearing her diaper! My husband and I started changing our heating and cooling habits right away when I read online that babies need to remain in a stable, moderate environment as much as possible for their own comfort. Naturally, of course, we started keeping the house at a moderate temperature year-round. I am happy to say that we are now expecting baby number two! This time, we’ll be sure that our baby is in a comfortable environment from the start!


Cooling expert