Heating and air design

My friend decided that she was going to open her own heating, ventilation and air conditioning company.  She asked me if I would design the website for her company. I had known her since we were in high school.  Later, she went to technical school for HVAC while I went to school for graphic arts and design. We like to hang out at the dance clubs on weekends, and we always have a great time together.  When she was telling me about her aspirations, she asked me if I would like to do the website design for her. She already had the idea for the HVAC logo she wanted, but she needed to figure out how to tie the logo into the website.  We kept watching over the website for several weeks and we did a lot of tweaks before we decided to put it online. I had to add a lot of keywords that would draw attention to the HVAC website. I think there will be a lot of traffic.  I am really hoping that we she is able to be successful in her HVAC endeavor. I know it is going to be a really rough road for her, but she can make it if she just continues to work. Right now, her HVAC website is coming up on the first search page on both Google and Yahoo.  Whenever someone goes to either search area and inputs HVAC company for this area, they will see her website coming up in their search. She has already seen a huge influx of people to her business website. I know that online advertising is a great tool.

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