Heating and air life

I really have to say how grateful I am for our temperature control system. I truthfully couldn’t imagine life without it! How would the two of us get through the terribly warm Summer seasons without the air conditioning system, huh? With all this temperature change going on, it seems that the summers these days and nights are way hotter than they used to be when I was just a kid. And for the Winter season, the gas furnace is just so perfect! I also have a humidifier running at this time to keep the air quality perfect, as I easily can’t imagine having to depend on a fireplace. I recognize that splitting wood is quite the relentless chore, but I don’t believe I would be able to keep up with enough wood for the whole Winter season! People that are able to do that, I have plenty of respect for. It wouldn’t be so hard if I had a fireplace actually working along with our heating plan though, as it could add ambience to the home while also providing additional warmth. I believe that would be nice! I absolutely have pride in taking care of our Heating and A/C system. I am enrolled in a Heating and A/C system maintenance plan to regularly stay on top of all the repairs, and the Heating and A/C workers that work on our equipment are the best around! They scrub out the HVAC ductwork every year, while also handling our heating plan tune-up in the fall and our air conditioning system plan tune-up in the Spring! They even equip me with nice HEPA filters that are included in our fixed yearly rate. Everything about the Heating and A/C maintenance plan is perfect for all our needs, and I wouldn’t have it any other way!