Heating and cooling was the plot

The other night I was flipping on the TV in the late night, and this old horror show was on, and it was very odd indeed! Talk about a B-grade show or movie, this was one for sure. But it had an interesting plot. There were these werewolf like creatures that were coming out of some nuke power plant…or something like that, and it seems as if the only thing that could kill them was cranking the air conditioning down or blasting them with cool air! They seemed to thrive on heating, and it made them more powerful. It was the most ridiculous thing I ever seen! Imagine, a heating and cooling system being the plot behind a monster movie or TV show. I was so confused with all of this, I almost did not want to ever again hear about heating or cooling, or even an HVAC system. Whoever wrote this script must have had an obsession with heating and cooling, or, maybe they were once a certified HVAC worker before they became a show or film writer. Who knows! But it was the most strangest thing I ever seen! I have to say though, seeing this TV film about heating and cooling werewolves made me think about getting my own heating and cooling system tuned up. It has been a while, and where in live in the south, the hot awful weather will be back in a few months. If my heating and cooling system is not ready, I could be in for trouble. I’ll be calling the heating and cooling specialist tomorrow to schedule an HVAC appointment!

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