Heating as a birthday gift?

So far, it seems like he knows how to make our mom blissful

I asked our mom what she got for her birthday and she told me she got underfloor heating. I felt bad for her. Her modern spouse is a bit of a pragmatist and he seems like the type who would get someone something like heating for their birthday. It didn’t take me long to notice that our mom was legitimately blissful and gleeful about this birthday present. She explained that her feet are constantly frosty frosty in her house office; A month ago our mom went on a retreat with the church. Apparently her spouse got the underfloor heating installed in her house office while she was away. He covered the temperature control up with a picture. Then, Last week, he surprised our mom with the underfloor heating by turning it on while she worked. Then he waited for her to notice. She said she was so surprised when her feet started feeling warm. Now she can’t wait for her shift to start so she can kneel at her desk and warm her feet with the underfloor heating today. I can understand how heating turned out to be a legitimately nice birthday gift for our mom. Maybe her modern spouse will turn out to be a keeper. I sure hope so. This is spouse number 3 after all. So far, it seems like he knows how to make our mom blissful. I just hope he can match, or even top, this underfloor heating gift next year, then or, maybe our mom will just go on being blissful that her feet are nice and warm and that will be fine enough. Time will tell.


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