Heating bills are super high

Whoever set up my house did not seal it against the environment well. The whole area is just not airtight. The windows were placed poorly and not caulked around enough. You can feel the cold air leaking through them all Winter long. The doors all tend to hang just a bit too high off the ground. The air comes through right underneath them. The worst is that whoever did the insulation for the walls was lazy. They must not have measured properly or used enough materials. The worker clearly only put insulation up to the baseboards and that’s it. The guy then just put wood over that lowest part of the wall. You can tell where there is no insulation, it is too cool low to the ground. Since my home is far from airtight, heating is a problem. The family room uses a gas fireplace to provide heating. Even with the fireplace ablaze all day everyday, it is just not enough. The kitchen uses a little gas heater system. The two of them work in conjunction to make my first floor quite warm. They cannot extend that heat to the second floor though. I had to buy a seperate gas heater for the second floor. In the Winter, my family all has to leave their bedroom doors open. When they sleep, everyone keeps their doors open to get access to that upstairs heater. We must keep the heater running. The house temperature can drop super fast. I really should invest the money in another insulation job and sealing the house rather than more heating.

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